Cruising Tips and a Guide for New to Cruise

CLIA UK & Ireland's Discover Cruises site is a one stop shop for everything cruise and is particularly invaluable for those new to cruise. You will find information on destinations, the different styles of holiday and types of ship, what's on board and what's ashore - in all, a complete cruise guide. 

Think you Know Cruises?

... Think again. Are you new to Cruise? CLIA have produced this guide to help all of those who have never been on a cruise learn new things and find out what a Cruise holiday can offer you. The booklet covers topics such as the cruise audience, the activities available to do onboard, and answers questions on the incredible value of a cruise holiday, as well as the huge variety of destinations you can explore from a cruise holiday. Click on the link to learn more


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Cruises Offer Exceptional Value

Cruise holidays offer exceptional value and service, exciting worldwide destinations and a huge choice in the style of holiday. And with the price including virtually everything - meals, accommodation, activities and entertainment day and night together with travel to great locations, a cruise is hard to beat on value.

European Cruise Destinations, Dubai

Great Cruise Destinations

From Abu Dhabi to Zanzibar, there are over a thousand ocean and river destinations just waiting to be explored. You can soak up the sun on an exotic island, explore the wilderness, capture stunning scenery or enjoy cosmopolitan cities and you have the choice to cruise from the UK or fly cruise.

Activities on a cruise

What to do on a Cruise

One of the great advantages of a cruise is that you can do as much, or as little, as you want. There are day time activities for those who want to be active - in mind or body - together with evening entertainment which ranges from stage shows to piano bars. While ashore, there's everything from zip wires in the jungle to tours of local vineyards.

Cruise from the UK or fly cruise to amazing destinations around the world

How to Choose Your Perfect Cruise

Ships come in all sizes with varying styles and levels of luxury. Whatever holiday experience you want, a cruise will fit the bill - take the slow lane with a river journey or an adventure off the beaten track. There's ultra luxury and ships specialising in family holidays and much more besides. And you have the choice to fly cruise or cruise from the UK.

Preparing for your Cruise

Already decided you're going on Cruise? Use our helpful guideson the best accommodation for you and what you will need to ensure you get the most out of your voyage...


Where to Cruise From?

Depending on where you want to cruise to, there are a number of options for meeting your cruise ship. It could be that you want the hassle free convenience of meeting your ship in the UK, or if you want to go further afield, maybe you want to fly to meet your ship and include a stay in either your embarkation or disembarkation port. Whichever you think is for you, our easy guide will explain all that you need to know.


Need advice on booking a cruise?

The choices you have for your cruise holiday are almost endless and this is the great reason why a cruise will perfectly meet your needs. That choice is another reason why you should seek expert advice when making your selection.

If you have a query or need a little help in finding the right cruise, then a great place to start is to ask a CLIA UK & Ireland travel agent member.

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